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Hon Mayor Cllr M M Hadebe , is responsibility of providing political leadership to the City of Pongola on behalf of the ruling party, the African National Congress...


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    Important Numbers

    Emergency Numbers
  • SAPS 034-413-1201
  • Hospital 034-413-1372
  • Fire Department 034-413-2591
  • General Enquiries
  • Municipality 034-413-1223
  • Pongola Library 034-413-1540
  • Notschane Office 034-316-1530
  • Belgrade Office 034-413-6233
  • Traffic & Motor Licensing 034-413-2591

  • F.A.Q. --- Frequently Asked Questions

    Where can I find my nearest municipal office?

    Click here for a full list of municipal enquiry offices. The list includes address details and telephone numbers.

    How do I claim a refund once I have closed my account and a credit balance remains?

    You should contact your nearest municipal enquiry office and request a refund cheque. Notify the staff whether you prefer to collect the cheque or have it posted. It will take up to 10 days for a cheque to be ready for collection.

    What methods can I use to pay my account?

    uPhongolo Municipality supports the following methods of payment: Cash Cheque (if cheque payment history is good) Credit card Postal orders Direct deposits Electronic fund transfers Debit card payment will also soon be available It is vital that you include a valid reference number when making a direct deposit or electronic fund transfer.

    How do I make a payment in person?

    Ensure that you have your account or a copy of the account with you. Visit your nearest municipal enquiry office. Make sure that the cashier counts the money in front of you. Do not accept any receipt other than one printed by the computer. Check your change in front of the cashier. If you leave before checking your change, you are implying that you are satisfied with the transaction. Any error will be much more difficult to resolve at a later stage. Make sure your account number is printed on the receipt and that the amount is correct.

    Why is my direct deposit payment not reflected on my account?

    Check that you used the correct account number as a reference. Make sure your payment was made before the account was issued. Remember that this type of payment will only appear on your account a few days after the payment was made. If your payment is still not reflected, contact your nearest main office (King William's Town or East London).

    When is my account due?

    For Pongola residents, accounts are due on the 7th of each month. For residents of Belgrade accounts are due on the 15th of each month.

    When is my statement posted?

    Account statements are posted on the 24th and 25th of each month.

    What should I do if I don't receive an account?

    The municipality makes every effort to print accurate statements and have them posted timelessly. However, outside parties are used for the actual delivery, which means the municipality cannot guarantee you will receive your statement in time. If the due date is near and you have not yet received your statement, request a copy from your nearest enquiry office. If you fail to pay your account on time, you will be liable for credit control action even if you have not received your account yet, as your account will have been sent in good faith. The onus is on you to request a duplicate statement.

    When is interest charged on an account?

    You will be charged interest if you pay after the due date or you pay less than the amount required.
    Why do I still receive a statement after I have closed my account?Although the account is closed, payment is due for services supplied. Readings are six to eight weeks behind.

    What happens if I fail to pay my municipal account?

    If you do not pay your account by the due date, you will be liable for credit control action. If you use a conventional electricity meter, the supply to that property may be suspended until the arrears and penalty fee have been paid in full. If you use a prepaid electricity meter, a blocking will be placed on vending computers to prevent you from buying electricity until all arrears have been settled in full. Legal action will be instituted should these measures fail to recover the arrears.

    When will my electricity be disconnected?

    If your account is 30 days in arrears, an instruction will be given to disconnect your electricity.
    If my electricity has been blocked or disconnected, whom should I contact?You should phone any of the numbers below (the call centre is open Monday to Sunday, from 8am to 8pm): (00000) PUT TELEPHONE NUMBER HERE

    What should I do if I don't understand my account?

    Contact the enquiry desk in person, by telephone or by fax.

    What should I do if I think my account is incorrect?

    Contact the enquiry desk in person, by telephone or by fax.

    What should I do if I am approached by people who claim they can reduce my monthly electricity or water account?

    Telephone the relevant municipal department for advice. Do not allow anyone to tamper or interfere with your meter or pipes/cables leading to the meter. It is illegal for a consumer or private contractor to tamper with a water meter. You will be held liable if your meter is tampered with.

    What are the free basic services?

    Registered indigent consumers will receive 6 kl of water and 50 kWh of electricity free each month. The free water you receive is worth R24,88 and the electricity is worth about R20,25 during the current financial year. This will vary according to council policy changes.
    Will I still receive my free electricity if my free prepayment meter is blocked?Yes, the computer will still allow you to receive your free token 50 kWh.

    How do I get free electricity and water?

    Only registered indigent customers are entitled to free 6 kl of water and 50 kWh units of electricity monthly. The free portion of the water will be deducted from your monthly account; that is if you use 10kl, you will only be billed for 4kl. The free portion of the electricity will be deducted from your monthly account; that is if you use 500 kWh, you will only be billed for 480 kWh. You need to ask your prepayment electricity vendor or cashier for your free token. If you forget to ask for your token during any particular month, that month's free issue is forfeited.

    Who qualifies for an indigent subsidy?

    You will qualify if: You are the legal owner or tenant of the property. The household earns a total gross income less than R1 500 a month.
    What benefits will I receive if I qualify for an indigent subsidy?uPhongolo Municipality will pay R110 towards your municipal account each month, which can be reviewed by Council from year to year.

    How do I apply for an indigent subsidy?

    Collect and complete an "Indigent Grant Application" form from your nearest municipal enquiry office. If you are unemployed or a pensioner, you will need to make an affidavit to that effect at a police station or commissioner of oaths. If you are employed you will need certified proof of your income. You will need a certified copy of your identity document. Submit all the relevant documentation to your nearest municipal office. You will be post if your application is successful. You must reapply for your subsidy before the anniversary date of your first application or your subsidy will fall away.

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